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Specialty Applications for Our Flexible Metal Hoses & Industries Served

Special small purpose flexible hose to head mounted microphone applications.

From special small purpose flexible hose to head mounted microphone applications, the engineering department at Uniprise International will work with you in creating flexible metal hose to meet your specific requirements and/or create an improvement over the product you are currently using.

When we know the weight of the object to be supported (head weight) and your product application, we design both rigidity and obedience in a flexible hose to fit your requirements. (See chart.)

Custom GPS, Phone, iPad, Kindle, and other electrical devices for car, home, or office

Custom Mount For Home Use – Bedroom   Custom Mount For Home Use – Gym   Custom Mount For Office Use
Custom Mount For Home Use – Kitchen   Custom Mount For Car  

Custom LED lights.

Custom LED Lights   Custom Manufactured LED Lights


Custom stay-put fluid and air lines, Typical uses include oxygen delivery systems, puffer tubes, and spray nozzles.

Custom Air and Fluid Stay-Put Lines

Mounting hardware, clamps, flanges

Custom Mounting Hardware   Custom Clamps   Custom Mounting Hardware, Clamps, Flanges
C-Clamp   UN-8040B  



Industries We Serve:

  • Articulated assemblies combining flexible and rigid tubes that allow extended reach.
  • Lighting and Lamps
  • Audio
  • Machine Tool
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Fiber Optic
  • Refrigeration
  • Optical
  • Telephone
  • Hand Tools
  • Automotive
  • Photographic
  • POP Display

Uniprise International - Special Purpose Small Tubing

Uniprise International - Hex-chrome, raw, brass special tubing for Lamps

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