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A Leading Manufacturer of Goosenecks, Flexible Metal Tubing, Serving Many Industries in the U.S. and worldwide.

Uniprise offers standard size flexible gooseneck tubing with varying degrees of rigidity and bending radius. Our specialty is small diameter flexible hoses for headset applications. Our products are manufactured in Terryville, CT.

Flexible Metal Tubing - Uniprise International
Flexible Metal Tubing

Flexible gooseneck tubing from Uniprise is the only product that can support, hold and connect objects.
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Pipe Thawing Equipment - Uniprise International
Pipe Thawing Equipment

Uniprise pipe thawing equipment is much faster than a torch, much safer than a welder.
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Specialty Applications
for Our Flexible Metal
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Commonly known as a gooseneck, this material is used to support or position an object. In certain industries, it is referred to as stayput or obedient tubing. Although rarely used just as a sheathing, our construction has distinct advantages over strip wound products where crushing or elongation is an issue. The use of external and/or internal liners allows it to be used with fluids or gases.

Uniprise International has been a leader in the manufacturing of miniature flexible tubing, being one of the first to produce sizes as small as 95 thousandths of an inch.

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